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Nature of Cats are sometimes Difficult to understand and the nature of Cats differ from that of Dogs.

The cat is a mammal belonging to the order Carnivora, or flesh-eaters, The domestic cats (Felis domesticus),  belong to Felidae, the carnivorous family of mammals.

Hunting Instincts

The Cat are natural hunters, Hunting is Basic Nature of Cats its in their genes to hunt.

With noiseless stealth’ and capture with the similar body movement that of a lion or tiger seen hunting their preys.

You will experience such acts in your domestic cats often. They have uncontrollable instinct to kill house lizards, rodents, insects, cockroaches, big flies.

Cats Walk Silently

The cat has padded feet which makes no sound in movement; Bulbs of a fibro-elastic, fatty material makes the pads of the feet, covered by an excessively thick and dense epithelial  membrane; the connective tissues and epithelial covering which form the skin of the rest of the body.

The pads of feet are more in condensed form to give extra friction of the feet which come in contact with the ground and bear the animal’s weight.

Every pad is filled with mass of fibrous tissue and fat, and a large triobed one is placed beneath the ends of the limb boneson which the animal rests in walking, and this leads them to make every step quiet and walks silently.

The padding of the feet helps in the silent walks of their steps.

To keep a track of their movement in and around the house it becomes necessary to put a bell around the neck, for humans to understand their whereabouts.

Cats Survives the Fall

The muscles are of enormous power and bulk in proportion to its size, and attached to bones addressed to each other at such angles to form the most complete system of springs and levers for propelling the body.

They twist their bodies, spin their tails in order to position their feet under their bodies and land on them that is why the cats can be seen to be perfectly landing on four feet even after falling from a three or higher storey building.

why cats can survive falls, cats falling from height and still alive, cats body, cats body twisting

Cats body takes large surface area in proportion to their weight, which reduces the force at which they hit the pavement.

As mentioned by Andrew Biewener “Cats can also spread their legs out to create a sort of parachute effect .They splay out their legs, which is going to expand their surface area of the body, and that increases the drag resistance,”

The muscular legs act as shock absorbers. cat’s legs are angled under the body rather than extended downward, like human .

” Cat land with its legs go off to the side and the joints then bend; taking that energy and putting it into the joints and its less of a force at the bone itself.”

Cats reach terminal velocity,  the speed at which the downward tug of gravity is matched by the upward push of wind resistance.

The downward force of gravity equals the restraining force of drag (Fd) plus the buoyancy. The net force on the object is zero, and the result is that the velocity of the object remains constant.

However, house cats in urban or suburban areas tend to be overweight and in less than peak physical condition. So its always best to make a cat friendly home which are in higher floors or apartments homes.

Importance of Cat’s Whiskers

The muzzle of the cat is soft, with long coarse hairs, ordinarily called the “whiskers”, which are really organs of touch.

These, like the hairs on the end of a horse’s muzzle, are deeply imbedded in the skin, touching at their roots sensory nerves.

The whiskers indicate to the animal, when nosing over foreign objects or when feeling its way in the dark, that its head is coming in contact with foreign bodies; and they are really organs of self-protection.

Whiskers help them in heightening the senses. They understand the height, space/area and distance from the whiskers.

cat whiskers

Cats who have low visions takes help of the whiskers to guide through the environment.

Cat whiskers are useful in hunting, to give them the sense of the location of the prey and also safeguard them from predators.

Whiskers help you understand the cat’s present feelings too.

Your cat is frightened or threatened if whiskers get back against their face

Their whiskers are out to the sides means they are relaxed.

Since the whiskers play a very important role in daily life and in their daily movements, you should not to cut off the whiskers.

Some shedding or falling of whiskers are natural but if you notice too much shedding of whiskers, it would be best to get your cat to visit a vet.

Cats and Humans

Cats in Egypt

The first evidence of the cat in connection with man is found in the ancient monuments of Egypt, Babylon, and Nineveh( a city in north Iraq). From this evidence, it concludes that domestication of cats progressed from that period.

The wild ancestor of cats lived in the marshes of the Nile Valley in Egypt.

As a natural carnivore they helped itself to the abundantly available fish, along with frogs, birds and rodents area along the river Nile.

The cat’s hunting expertise gave the Egyptians the idea of domesticating them.

Nature of Cats to hunt which in turn would keep their homes and crops free of pests and rodents.

Egyptians encouraged the wild cats into their homes with the lure of a raw fish supper. Where the cats bring domesticated, and roam around freely without fearing the humans, and making a bond between the humans and cats.

This bond turned into a holy and pious one.

The cats was happily, religiously celebrated and prayed unto as they became to be regarded as Goddess in Ancient Egypt.

The Goddess Bastet or Goddess Bast.

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The Goddess Bastet! Ancient Egypt worshipped Cats as God, giving it a form of Bastet, The Female Figure with a Cat head.

This has been an behavioral impact which has been carried onto generations into Cats. As result it installed some superiority feelings in themselves. Showing they would have a grace and pious that is absolutely unique only to the cat’s family.

They imbibe the divinity in themselves from centuries old tradition we can presume; at the end, Cats are mysterious and amazing creatures of God or some incarnations of God themselves.

It’s independent character, quiet movements and its graceful nature of cats, appeal particularly to women.

Its elegance of form, beauty of colouring, daintiness of habit, and the delightful, playful activity of the kittens, make it a humorous companion throughout the civilized world, and the playmate of innocent children in countless happy homes.

In case you utility, Cats are useful because it tends to keep down the undue increase of rodent pests.

Cats prefer their homes to their people.Cats were seen as household necessity to kill rats and mice. Cats get attached to home because they were kept in home to kill the pests and rodents.

Territorial Creatures

Cats are territorial, similar to Big cats. This is one of the primary nature of Cats which differs them from other members of animal world.

Its important they have territory of their own, be it the big cats of the jungle, cats in the city, town or village who wander around the neighbourhood or your pet cats.

Whether it’s a single cat or multiple cats, it is important that there should be a space for your pet cat in your home which will be exclusively for them.

If you are going to have multiple cats, I would suggest some interiors in the house for example putting up cat tree houses, which gives all the cats a little den of their own.

This will make your life easy, where all your cats will dwell in peace and harmony, as it will not create the tension among the cats to fight for territory. There should be ample options for them, where you can give them cat furniture, beds, cat condos, hammocks

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