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Have you ever thought, Does Homeopathy for Cats work? Are you thinking about trying Homeopathy medicine for your Cat? Do you want to try a natural way of healing your cat’s ailments?

Read on to know about Homeopathy and Its effect on your furry friend.

What is Homeopathy?

First let’s understand what is Homeopathy.

Homeopathy is from Greek words, ‘Homeo’ which means Similar and ‘Pathos’ meaning Suffering. Dr. Samuel Christian Hahnemann (1755-1843) developed the Homeopathy medicine on the principle of ‘Similia Similibus Curentur’ or ‘Like cures Like’.

Homeopathy is a holistic and a non conventional treatment. People used it as a natural healthcare since 19th Century.

Wider range and numerous variety of medicines are there in this treatment. It covers minor to major disease and the remedies are simple and natural.

Homeopathy medicine are for acute as well as chronic diseases. It strives to cure the disease from its roots.

They are extremely minute size doses from natural substances. The medicine is made with substances taken from plants, flowers, herbs, minerals etc.

Homeopathy for Cats

Homeopathy is on the concept that animals and humans, they have a self-healing response. The health challenges come when something disturbs the self heal response. Homeopathy medicines stimulate that body’s own healing responses.

Ingredients: Homeopaths use ingredients derived from herbs, minerals, and natural substances.

Dosage: Low potency/low power with higher times dosage, is for animals.

Many Veterinary practitioners use this medicines for treatment of cats.

Uses and Preparation of Medicine

After understanding the disease, Homeopaths will give the right potency for your cat.

Alphabet or Number states the dilution ratio and potency of the medicine.

Mother tincture, 30, 200, C, X, D, 1M etc, all these potencies represents the dilution level of medicine. Mother Tincture is the lowest dilution of the substance which is used to prepare a particular medicine. Similarly, C for a 1:100 dilution ; X for a 1:10 dilution and number of successive dilutions. 1:100 dilution done 6 times is the preparation for 6C power.

Remedies are prepared in different forms. For example, there are small round pellets called globules. There are also powder form, lactose pills or liquid preparations. Doses vary from 2-6 drops of liquid, and globules or tablets may be 3-4.

Doses every 15 minutes to one hour would be recommended for acute condition.

Remedies can be purchased from homeopathic pharmacies and from homeopaths.

Benefits of Homeopathy on Cats

Here are some of the major benefits of Homeopathy:

  • There are no damage to vital organs during long term treatment for chronic diseases, as this is a natural and herbal form of medicine.
  • It is Pocket friendly, cost effective.
  • Easy to feed the cats and store as well.
  • Homeopathy do not disturb the gut and intestinal flora, therefore there are no diarrhea or hardly any side effects.
  • A Natural, non conventional form of treatment, which is safe to use on animals.
  • Effective on chronic diseases.

Side Effects

There are none to very minor side effects on cats. All depends upon how well the cat is responding to a particular medicine.

It is a natural and herbal form of medicine, as a result, the side effects are less. Besides there are always alternate medicines in homeopathy, if one particular medicine don’t work for your cat.


Recently, homeopathy for cats is becoming popular among cat owners. There are many online stores where wide variety of homeopathy is available for animals.

Veterinary doctors and the pet owners are using homeopathy for chronic diseases, also for the diseases which has recurring nature. The idea behind using Homeopathy is to strengthen the immunity of the animals and treat the disease from the roots.

However, there are few tips which you need to kept in mind.

Firstly, do not feed any medicines simply on your internet based research. You must consult a certified homeopathy practitioner or your vet before starting any medicine. Don’t give your cat any other medications unless your homeopath approves them. That includes any other conventional, allopathy medicine or any other homeopathic remedy.

Secondly, do not overdose the remedy. Follow the right potency and dosage as prescribed by your homeopath or vet. Always have a professional guidance for starting homeopathy on cats.

If you find the remedy is not giving result, you must consult the Doctor to change the medicine for higher potency or for a different alternate medicine.

Thirdly, It is better to stop any homeopathy remedy of there is a time for vaccination for your cat. It is safer to start the remedies after a week from the day of vaccination, as there are some views of homeopaths that vaccination and homeopathy together, might interfere with the treatment.

Lastly, Try to avoid giving the medicine with food. Best is to give medicines 20- 30 minutes before or after feeding, so that the food and the medicine won’t interfere with each other.

If you feel you can give homeopathy a chance to treat your cat. I personally would suggest you to give it a go. It has hardly any side effects and you can try it on your cat to see if there is an improvement on your cat’s health.

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