About My Boss Cat

Hear it all about us from the Boss herself!

We are the happy cats!

Hello Hoomans!

          Hello everyone, I am Elsa, the 2nd born of our cat family, let me introduce all of us to you.

We are three siblings, Bella, Elsa and Leo, born in Monalisa’s home, and our mother’s name was Whiskey.

Unfortunately, our mother had left for the other world because she was misdiagnosed and due to wrong treatment by a doctor, could not survive, leaving behind three of us with our owner.


My elder Sister Bella, is a very peace loving cat, she loves to stay in isolation, alone, she could live alone in a room for hours!

I wonder how she can she stay like that! Because I am not a lone kind of cat, I need someone with me, a cat, a human or maybe some insects, but someone has to be there.


What do I say about my younger brother Leo!

He wants to own every nice comfortable place as his territory.

But He hardly dares to try that on me, because if he does, I am going to give him a piece of my claw.

Leo is always friendly to humans, be it our owner, the cleaner, carpenter, electrician, any stranger who visits our room, he will be the first one to stretch his limb for friendship.

Well, humans feels he is the best of all, but hear from us sisters, he is not. He is annoying at times but whatever it is, he is a loving cat in a very irritating way, for us sisters only though.


I don’t know why our owner got another cat in. His name is Xavier. I heard he is adopted, as if we are not enough!

Xavier is a  very peculiar cat, when he needs something, he requests in a humble way rather than demanding, in contrary to the typical behavior of cats.

He is always in his high energy and looking for something to do, he needs to be busy all the time.

Little bit notorious, but he has a good heart, let other cats share his meal.


Another male cat was rescued from our neighbourhood, and was named Oscar. He has equal camaraderie about us.

He never gets into fights with us, very adjusting, peace loving Cat. His only demand is food!


Lastly, About me, I am a victim of a tragic accident.

I am living with a broken spine, walking on my two front limbs, with frequent health challenges.

But this drawbacks never stops me from being me.

I am the Boss. Things are run around here according to my likings and comfort and I am the most demanding and rebellious one among all.

I am very independent mind cat and extremely intelligent enough to understand what my owner is upto. So when it’s time for medications or when she wants to clean me, I can find my escape or hiding route.

That’s all Hoomans! We all are of different personalities, dwelling together.

If you are reading about us, I am sure you must have found us interesting.

We decided to share the experience of being a happy and healthy Cat with You. Thats why we are here.

If you love cats, you would always want the best for them and we would love to help our fellow species for their best life and good health.

We would love to hear if you have any stories or experiences to share with us.

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Thank you!

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