difference between cats and dogs, are better than cats

Living and loving Cats for such a long time has taught me that Cats and Dogs are entirely different.

Cats are good at hiding disease. They need special attention. It is important to watch every change in the behaviour, eating habbits and everyday activity of cats to interpret their mood and health.

Cat’s medications, housing and training are different. Their treatment, behaviour, socialising nature with humans and other cats are different from dogs.

Independent Nature of Cats

Many time people have an opinion: Cats are stupid as compared to Dog. It is a matter of ignorance which leads people to have this type of idea. D.B.Champion author of EVERYBODY’S CAT BOOK has rightly said “an uneducated cat has far more brains than an uneducated dog.”

Dogs are easier to teach, it requires training or a trainer and you will find your dog is trainable. He/ she becomes trained in the ways of life where they co dwell with the humans.

Whereas the cat are of an independent nature and will not always come when it is called, its their wishes to do so ; when to do so. They might leave home, come back on their own time but that is not want of brain—it is simply independence!

You call your cat, it does not always choose to answer when called. That’s the way they are. They have their individuality, they feel they know what’s best for them. You cannot change that.

if you are to keep a cat as house pet, you really need to unlearn any previous pet handling knowledge while learning the new ways of housing your cat.

Cats have this great “instinct,” in finding their way back to former homes many miles away, in this they show the same cleverness as dogs.

Are Cats as friendly as Dogs?

Cats are lovable animals, they would roll all over the floor, rub against you, jump onto your lap while you work on the computer, all these shows your cat needs love right now.

They become attached either to their homes, their fellow-creatures, or to people; also, their attachment to dogs, in many cases, is very great.

In basic everyday outside world Dogs are taught to chase cats and the fear of a dog in the mother cat is transmitted to their offspring.

Some of them will have this “natural instinct”; will be terribly afraid of a dog at first sight while others. While the cats who have been seeing dog since their birth—will know no fear and rub around a dog just as they would around another cat.

Cats are more Sensitive than dogs

Cats are very sensitive in disposition, and can easily be frightened by harsh treatment. When they become either savage or frightened, and will run at the approach of strangers.

They will end up giving adverse effects if you scold them or shout at them in front of their siblings , or you choose to teach them right or wrong in a higher tone of voice, that will turn them more agitated towards the innocent one and they will wait for the turn to crash up on the other who was seemed to be the guiltless cat.

A proper stern ‘No’ or saying its name to stop it, in a commanding voice would be the better way to teach them to behave. The high pitch screaming and shouting can sometime work with some dogs but this technique would not be very helpful in case of Cats.

You can try for a month and see! The Cats must have this feelings that they are the boss but there is an important matter to make them understand that YOU are their owner and you know what’s best for them too and they need to respect that.

Cats can easily find its way home, if wants to!

As Mentioned earlier, they are of Independent dispositions, which compels them to leave the home wander out. Sometimes have a walk around the neighborhood, meet some other cats.

There is a myth which states the Cats always run away. Well not all of them run away, they are having their time to explore or to find a mate during seasons. They will come back in their own time, that does not mean that are disloyal or not grateful to owners.

In many cases they show just as much devotion to their masters as do dogs and other animals. Quite a lot instances has shown that the house cat came back home after 3 night outs, having a gala time I am sure. Like I said they love you, its just that they are the boss!

We Cats love ‘me time’

Dogs can rarely stay alone for longer periods in home, while cats can.

Cats might howl and whine in the beginning.

You might go outside seeing a distress and helpless look in your cat’s eye, which worries you that your cat is all alone waiting eagerly for you or maybe its anxious for you to come back home. These thoughts might catch up in your mind; when you return home worrying and to your surprise find your cat absolutely comfortable in its bed or the sofa and looking up to you in sleepy eyes saying something like ‘”oh! you are back, you could have stayed out for longer period, I wouldn’t have cared less, Infact you disturbed my sleep!”

The look in their eyes will tell you that all the worrying was for nothing and your pet is having a lazy moment without you.

Suppose you come back home after a long day and you find them anxious and meowing seems pretty loud and demanding then probably your cat wants fresh food, water or wants the litter box to be cleaned.

Their demands are not much, very basic in fact, in comparison to humans. the difference is that their basic needs must be fulfilled right at then when they ask for them.

Does Cats need poop training in comparison to Dogs?

Cats have this habitual natural instinct to cover up their poops! Can you imagine how much money and effort you are saving as comparison to poppy train a dog!

That is a wonderful trait in cats where the cat owners never ever have to bother themselves with the poop training.

If you are a new cat owner then I would recommend you to watch the kittens do this job, you will thank me one day for asking you to watch this cutest scene you will ever experience.

Its important you keep a watch while your tiny kitty covers up the waste because kittens have so tiny limbs and they themselves are so tiny; there are chances your kitty may accidently step on its poop and get all dirty!

Cats the master self groomers.

In matters of grooming, cats do their own thing.

They are natural groomers and would always clean up their face right after a hearty meal.

Domestic Cats have mostly clean up at least once in a day. They do not like to be disturbed when They will lick off their fur. If you will touch them while they are in the grooming mode, they will definitely clean up the area of the body which you touched.

This is an amazing attribute which gives another great points to cats where the pet owners don’t have to worry about much often.

Cats are territorial.

Having a cat as pet requires for arrangement of a territory of their own. Since it is their instinctive nature to mark the area which they want to own, It becomes important for every cat owner to give the cat friendly furniture, condos and beds for them.

Dogs are not much into the territorial issue, they will not make a big issue for having a space of its own, though it is always great for your pet dog to have some beds and dog house where he can have a time of his own.

In case of cats, making them understand where in the house they are allowed to roam freely and use is an important task for you.

In case of mixed pets like dogs and cats or having multiple cats under the same roof. It is always better to have them separate untill the friendship and the bond has grown between the themselves. The socialisation process is very important when bringing home another pet in addition to your existing cat.

Without proper socialisation, there are chances of adverse effects and jealousy which will lead to fights among the pets.

Food Habits Differ in Cats and Dogs

Dogs and cats differs in their food habbits and choices of food. Cats need smaller and more frequent meals than dogs.

Cats favourite food being Fish while dogs delicacy is chicken, bones and meats.

Feeding chicken’s bones or meat bones to your cats, it might lead to indigestion and turned into diarrhea problem. It is not recommended for cats.

Consulting your vet for the best option for nutritional requirement for your pets rather than feeding them out of of your own ideas.


If you had been a dog owner or you are a dog owner, planning to have a cat as pet then you need to learn new and different ways to treat, take care of a cat.

There is very less similarity in methods of  bringing up a Dog and a Cat. Since both are very much different animals. 

Some Pointers for New owners of Cats

Here are few basic pointers for New Cat’s owners in a gist:

  • Cats are moody. Understand their mood. Respect their time and space. If they want to be left alone then let them be on their own for some time.

  • Most Cats take time to be friendly to other pets, some of them take time to adjust to the new home. Be patient and keep the environment as peaceful as possible for them.

  • Always have some fresh dry food and water for them in a place which is accessible for them easily. Cats take small frequent meals. Give them the freedom to eat as they please.

  • Let your cat know the area where its allowed to roam freely and which part he must not enter.

  • Give them enough furniture, scratchers and condos so they don’t use your bed and sofa as their territory to get cozy or scratch their nails.

  • Its Important to keep them occupied and active. Find time in a day to play with them with interactive cat toys easily available on the internet. Finding the right toy for your cat is another job where your attention is needed. They are playful creatures like dogs, Play with them and you will enjoy every moment of it.

The final choice is yours whether you want a cat in your home. It is a 100 percent commitment to them.

Keep cats only when you love them truly and you shall have greater love from them in return.

Photo Courtesy : https://www.1zoom.me/en/

Content Courtesy: EVERYBODY’S CAT BOOK by Dorothy Bevill Champion

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